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Episode #170: 'Blood in the Water'  

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Hunter Biden has become a weight on the Biden administration that threatens to send Joe Biden's 2024 reelection campaign crashing to the ground. Two separate IRS whistleblowers have come forward with claims that Attorney General, Merrick Garland was interfering with the investigation into Hunter, and that he was restraining the Trump appointed prosecutor in Delaware. This resulted into a sweetheart plea deal instead of more serious charges for Hunter, according to the whistleblowers. The whistleblowers also shared a 2017 'What's App' message with the Republicans that are conducting the investigation. In the message Hunter is communicating with a member of the Chinese Communist Party and he is making demands. Hunter tells the Chinese national that his father is in the room with him as a threat. This, of course, destroys the many claims by Joe Biden that he was never involved in his son's business. The press smells blood in the water. Could this be the scandal that brings down Biden? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #170.


* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Hear exclusive audio evidence of Trump 

2) Trump fumes about ‘illegally leaked’ CNN tape of him boasting about classified documents

3) Trump attorneys haven’t found classified document former president referred to on tape

4) Hunter Biden to plea deal

5) IRS whistleblower defends claims Hunter Biden got special treatment from the Justice Department

6) Hunter Biden WhatsApp messages show him demanding $10 million from Chinese

7) GOP Says Joe Biden Has Officially ‘Lawyered Up’

8) McCarthy floats potential impeachment inquiry into Garland over IRS whistleblower claims

Episode #169: 'Black 4th of July'  

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When Barack Obama was first introduced to America nationally it was at the 2004 DNC in Boston, where he gave the keynote address. Obama's speech at the DNC that year was perfect; a little too perfect in hindsight. It was patriotic, uplifting, and hopeful. It was post racial, and unifying. It was exactly what America wanted to hear. There were many memorable lines in his speech, but the most notable is when he rebuked those who would divide us saying, "There is not a liberal America and a conservative America. There is the United States of America. There is not a Black America, and a White America, and Latino America, and Asian America. There is the United States of America." This line received the loudest applause of the night. Again, it was exactly what America wanted, to put aside our differences and come together as one America. It raises the question: How did we go from the unifying message of one America that night, to now having two separate Independence Days, two separate national anthems, and back to racial segregation? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #169.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) What Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could bring as Biden’s VP pick

2) Whitmer reveals conversations she had with Biden about joining his team

3) Looking for Obama's hidden hand in candidates coalescing around Biden

4) Donald J. Trump, 2018 Statement on the Observance of Juneteenth

5) President Trump to push for Juneteenth to become national holiday

6) Conflict Theory Definition, Founder, and Examples

7) Sen. Tim Scott On If He Believes There Is Systemic Racism In America

8) The Tea Party 

Episode #168: 'Where's the Money?'  

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Over the past 23 years the United States has added $28 trillion to the national debt. What did we get for that money? If we added $28 trillion to our national debt and had the best schools in the world, the best infrastructure, the safest cities, at least we could point to those things as something we got for the money. However, we don't have the best schools in the world, the best infrastructure, or the safest cities. Looking at what has happened to the United States over the past two decades I think it would be safe to say that the country has become measurably worse by every metric while we have added $28 trillion to our national debt, so it raises some questions that every American should be asking: Where's the money? Where did it go? If the United States is not enjoying the benefits of all of that cash, who is? Why is it harder than ever for middle class families to make ends meet, but there's hundreds of billions for foreign aid, foreign wars, and foreigners? Finally, what does Donald Trump have to do with all of this? Join the conversation and get answers to these questions and more on According2Sam episode #168.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Base Realignment and Closure

2) US Blunders in Iraq: De-Baathification and Disbanding the Army

3) Confronting Ghosts of 2000 in South Carolina

4) Hillary Clinton Iraq War Full Speech 10/10/02 Part 1

5) Biden Played Leading Role in Push for U.S. to Invade Iraq

6) US trade deficit widens to 6-month high, expected to dent economic growth

8) Hillary’s email server was run out of an old bathroom closet

9) Poll: 47% of Americans believe Trump indictment is politically motivated

10) FBI agrees to hand over Biden doc allegedly linking him to bribery scheme

11) McCarthy rips CNN for hiring James Clapper, Andrew McCabe

Episode #167: 'Pax Americana'  

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'Pax Romana" is a Latin phrase that translates literally into "Roman Peace". It refers to a period in the Roman Empire that historians overwhelmingly accept as the golden age of Rome. It was a 200 year period that began with accession of Octavian in 27 BC, the first Roman emperor, and it ended in 180 AD upon the death of Marcus Aurelius. Pax Romana was a period that was marked by peace, prosperity, stability, and growth. Historian, Edward Gibbon characterized the last 85 years of Pax Romana as the happiest time and place to be alive in all of human history. Pax Americana is the golden age that could have been in the United States of America had our golden age not been sabotaged. Instead of a long period of peace and prosperity in America, the saboteurs ushered in a long period of endless war and massive debt. Why was Pax America sabotaged to usher in the American nadir? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #167.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Here’s what’s in the debt ceiling package

2) Pax Romana

3) Five Good Emperors

4) S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating

5) Fitch warns it could still cut U.S. debt rating even after deal

6) Republicans angry with McCarthy over debt deal join Democrats to block gas stove bills

Episode #166: 'Crisis'  

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In 2011 National Public Radio filed a Freedom of Information request for a secret document that had been hidden from the American people for over a decade. Few people knew about this document before it was made public in 2011, and still today after it is public few people know about it. The document is titled, 'Life After Debt', and it was written and circulated in the Clinton administration, and at the Fed in 2000. The document states that because the government had balanced the budget, and even had a surplus, in the three previous years the United States would be completely debt free by 2012. The document identified this as a CRISIS that needed to be averted. In 2000 when this document was composed and circulated in the private halls of the government the national debt was around $4 trillion. In 2011 when the document was made public the debt was around $15 trillion. Today our debt is just under $32 trillion. Crisis averted. Why are the budget and debt ceiling debates nothing more than theater? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #166.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) What If We Paid Off The Debt? The Secret Government Report

2) Hakeem Jeffries tweet 

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