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According2Sam is devoted to informing the world and helping those interested in truth weed through the misinformation and distractions of the corporate media. Information is the most valuable element of human existence, and humans have the right to inform themselves and those around them. It is not only a right, but it is a responsibility in ensuring the survival of our free, democratic, society. According2Sam is the work of Samuel C. Winchester, otherwise known as 'Sam'. It is a one-man show, but is dependent on you, the audience, for support. According2Sam is committed to bringing you the highest quality and thoroughly researched news and analysis, along with meticulous media and political deconstruction. The content from Sam is political in nature, but topics and issues are explored from an unbiased, nonpartisan, viewpoint in search of the truth despite where it leads. Sam has been a political independent for nearly two decades, and he views the political establishment in both major political parties as equally responsible for the wars, debt, division, and overall decline of our nation. Sam is a patriotic American and his political views can be best described as American Nationalism. Part of being a patriot means working to improve your nation when and where improvement is necessary. Sometimes it means being critical of esteemed and longstanding national institutions. Sometimes it means being critical of groups or individuals who threaten the betterment of your nation. According2Sam will never shy away from any of such criticisms. Sam has a Bachelor of Arts in the fields of Sociology and Mass Communications from

Southwest Texas State University. He has over a decade of experience working in broadcast media in marketing, advertising, public relations, and sales. His education, experience, and passion offer a fresh and enlightened perspective to the conversations of the day. According2Sam will seek to bring people together, but the main mission and priority of this platform is to inform this audience, and the greatest loyalty is to the truth; according to Sam.         

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