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Special counsel investigating Joe Biden’s handling of classified material is not expected to bring charges

Selling Bidenomics Is Biden’s Only Chance to Beat Trump


'It reminded me of January 6': Democratic lawmaker describes clash outside the DNC


Czech news crew robbed at gunpoint after landing in San Francisco to cover Biden’s APEC summit

Moody’s cuts U.S. outlook to negative, citing deficits and political polarization

Annual interest payments on US debt cross $1 trillion 

Republican Sen. Tim Scott ends presidential campaign

Drug addicts, homeless plaguing San Francisco’s downtown miraculously disappear ahead of Biden, Xi Jinping summit

Tens of thousands protest across Spain at proposed Catalan amnesty

London’s pro-Palestine march: 126 people arrested as police highlight ‘deeply concerning’ rightwing violence

More than 180,000 demonstrators march in France against antisemitism

15 Black teens murder a White teen by beating him to death

Pennsylvania county promises accurate tally after votes for judges flip

Election Offices Targeted with Fentanyl-Laced Letters with trans flag and pentagram 

Pope Francis fires conservative Texas bishop

Vatican welcomes transgender Catholics

Gay Israeli soldier proudly displays LGBTQ flag on Gaza soil in war against Hamas

Media now says Ukrainian officer coordinated Nord Stream pipelines sabotage

Nashville shooter's manifesto leaked! 

Investigation underway after release of alleged Covenant shooter’s writings

U.S. diplomats slam Israel policy in leaked memo

Trump Turns Down Zelensky's Invitation to Ukraine

U.S., EU Reported To Have Discussed With Ukraine Possible Peace Talks With Russia

Speaker Johnson pushes to couple Ukraine aid and border: 'Take care of our own border first'

Zelensky says it’s ‘not the right time for elections’


Top strategists say Biden doesn’t have the numbers to win reelection


Trump Leads in 5 Critical States as Voters Blast Biden


John Fetterman bashes Gavin Newsom over perceived shadow presidential campaign

Democratic Congresswoman says Blacks considering Trump are dumb


Federal Reserve leaves its key rate unchanged but keeps open possibility of a future hike

Biden threatens to veto new $14.3 billion Israel aid bill

US House passes Israel-only aid bill, cutting IRS funding


‘Genocide Joe’: Massive D.C. Cease-Fire Protest Directs Its Rage at Biden


Groups behind Israel-bashing protests backing Hamas attacks got $15M-plus from Soros

Protesters mass outside Netanyahu's house as anger grows


Dem fears mount amid Biden’s polling slump and Israel backlash


Protest marches from US to Berlin call for immediate halt to Israeli bombing of Gaza


House to subpoena James and Hunter Biden 

James Biden Wrote Brother Joe $40,000 Check Immediately after Receiving Chinese Cash

Ca Senate candidate, Adam Schiff claims primary residence in Maryland

Rep. Scalise holds firm that 2020 election had problems  

Schumer wants $1.2B in new security funding for US religious groups

Antisemitic attacks soar across Europe amid Israel-Hamas war

White House announces national strategy to combat Islamophobia

'Universities need to step up': Students say what's happening at schools isn't free speech

The Israel-Hamas war reveals how colleges lost their way on free speech

DeSantis Wearing Height Boosters?

Fulton County special grand jury recommended charges against Lindsey Graham

Nancy Pelosi. 83, says she'll seek House reelection in 2024

UN conducts secret negotiations with Russia on lifting all major sanctions in exchange for grain deal


Jim Jordan to investigate alleged DOJ pressure campaign in Trump documents case


Presidential centers unite to warn about danger to U.S. democracy

Elon Musk won't allow Ukraine to use his technology to start WWIII

Gavin Newsom Won't Run In 2024: Kamala Harris Is "Naturally" Biden's Successor


Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates to 22-Year High


Hunter Biden plea deal in limbo 

LeBron James’ son Bronny suffers cardiac arrest at USC practice

69% of GOP voters believe Trump is strongest candidate against Biden

Biden claims he 'ending cancer as we know it.'

Hunter Biden’s gallery sold first son’s artwork to major Dem donor 

Ron DeSantis fires staffer who retweeted video with Nazi imagery


Trump anxiety among GOP senators grows as indictments appear to help him

Former Hunter Biden associate to sit for closed-door testimony with House Oversight committee

McCarthy: Biden probes ‘rising to the level of impeachment inquiry’

Obamas’ personal chef drowns near family’s home on Martha’s Vineyard

Flashback: Former Clinton White House Chef Walter Scheib Drowned in Accidental Death

Mitt Romney has a plan to stop Trump

Flashback: Top Romney Adviser Worked With Hunter Biden On Board Of

Ukrainian Energy Company

Biden sues Abbott over his floating border wall

‘Categorically false’: Black member of Florida curriculum group fires back at Kamala Harris’ criticism

Carlee Russell's disappearance was 'hoax'; charges possible, police say

Judge sets May 2024 trial date for Donald Trump in documents case

Trump says he’s received a target letter from special counsel Jack Smith’s Jan. 6 investigators

US military emails sent to Mali because of common typo



Biden raised $72 million in his first quarter of fundraising

White House alters Kamala Harris's transcript speech over 'reduce population' comment

Biden orders 3,000 reservists to be ready for Europe deployments

Cluster munitions from the US arrive in Ukraine

Secret Service ends White House cocaine investigation with no leads

4,500 people baptized at California beach 


Obamas complained about being black and oppressed from luxury yacht in Greek islands after affirmative action overturned


Pro-Trump protester Ray Epps files defamation suit against Fox News

Ray Epps says he'll be charged for Jan. 6

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