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Episode #166: 'Crisis'  

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In 2011 National Public Radio filed a Freedom of Information request for a secret document that had been hidden from the American people for over a decade. Few people knew about this document before it was made public in 2011, and still today after it is public few people know about it. The document is titled, 'Life After Debt', and it was written and circulated in the Clinton administration, and at the Fed in 2000. The document states that because the government had balanced the budget, and even had a surplus, in the three previous years the United States would be completely debt free by 2012. The document identified this as a CRISIS that needed to be averted. In 2000 when this document was composed and circulated in the private halls of the government the national debt was around $4 trillion. In 2011 when the document was made public the debt was around $15 trillion. Today our debt is just under $32 trillion. Crisis averted. Why are the budget and debt ceiling debates nothing more than theater? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #166.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) What If We Paid Off The Debt? The Secret Government Report

2) Hakeem Jeffries tweet 

Episode #16: 'The Clinton Plot'  

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The elaborate scheme to frame Russia and Donald Trump with rigging the 2016 presidential election originated with one person, and that individual is Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was the one who paid for and commissioned the phony Christopher Steele dossier. After the dossier was composed, she took it to the media and tried to get them to report the nonsense in it. She was first to make the accusation that WikiLeaks was working with Russia to expose emails and documents from her private server, from the DNC, DCCC, and from her campaign manger, John Podesta. It all originated with her, but she had a lot of help selling these lies to the American people. She got help from the Obama administration, from the FBI and CIA, from the DOJ, and from the media. With all of these powerful forces participating in the Clinton Plot it's not surprising that the American people ate it up like candy. Why did Clinton devise this plot? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #165.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) The classified information found in Hillary Clinton's private emails

2) Durham’s Damning Report Assails FBI Leadership, Media for Enabling Hillary Clinton’s Alleged Russia Hoax Plan

3) Lynch Will Accept FBI Recommendations on Clinton Emails

4) According2Sam episode #26: LYNCHED 

5) Lisa Page admitted Obama DOJ ordered stand-down on Clinton email prosecution

6) Biden confirms Obama, VP were briefed on unsubstantiated claims against Trump

7) President Biden promises more aid to President Zelensky

Episode #164: 'Insurance Policy'  

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Now that John Durham has completed his investigation and released his final report what have we learned? We’ve learned that the FBI and the Department of Justice are corrupt. We learned there was no justification for the FBI to take the unprecedented action of getting a FISA warrant to surveil Trump’s 2016 campaign, not to mention the renewals they got to continue the surveillance after he was sworn in as President. We learned there was no justification to appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump, and that the FBI had exculpatory evidence that should have quickly ended all suspicion into President Trump, but it was ignored. In a statement in response to the Durham report the FBI said they had implemented dozens of corrective actions and had these reforms been in place in 2016 the “missteps identified in the report could have been prevented.” Missteps? Could have? Can you trust the FBI, and can you feel comfortable that nothing like the Crossfire Hurricane investigation will ever happen again? Join the conversation and get answers to these questions and more on According2Sam episode #164.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page explains 'insurance policy' texts, defends Russia probe in TV interview

2) Russian reset

3) Barack Obama in open microphone with Dmitry Medvedev

4) ‘I’ve Got a Crook Running My Campaign’ Donald Trump, Paul Manafort and me.

5) Trump Protesters Attack Supporters At San Jose Rally


6) Trump protesters in Calif. clash in night of violence

7) Violence Erupts At San Diego Trump Rally

8) Democrats itching to take down Biden over free-trade past

9) What If We Paid Off The Debt? The Secret Government Report

10) Trump Slams Democrats, Vows He'll 'Never Sign Another Bill Like This Again' As He Signs Omnibus Spending Bill

11) Trump signs massive omnibus spending, coronavirus relief package

Episode #163: 'Peace & Prosperity'  

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There is a correlation between peace and prosperity. During times of peace nations can invest in itself. It can build infrastructure and make improvements. It can cut taxes and reduce the burden on it's citizens. It can create a social safety net, and programs to aid its less fortunate citizens and help them improve their lives. There are many positive things a nation can do to make improvements and create prosperity during peacetime. However, war can create prosperity as well. War will cripple nations! It will put nations in debt and divert resources from the nation to the war; resources that would be better used making improvements and caring for citizen. Despite all of the woes that war can bring upon a nation, war can be very prosperous for those who are investing in the continuation of war. For them, the more war the better. Are the people who own our media the same people who are invested in the wars, and what does it mean for our nation? Join the conversation and get answers to these questions and more on According2Sam episode #163.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) What If We Paid Off The Debt? The Secret Government Report

2) Howard Beale (Network)

3) Protests against the Iraq War

4) Senator Obama talks about Hillary Clinton's position on Iraq war

5) Obama leaves complicated legacy in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria

6) Obama’s covert drone war in numbers: ten times more strikes than Bush

7) Biden trails Trump, sees slipping approval rating, Post-ABC

8) Ukraine war: Leak shows Western special forces on the ground

9) Any US Military Involvement in Ukraine Needs Congressional Approval

Episode #162: 'Pull It'  

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After Fox News and Tucker Carlson parted ways last week the feud between them has been getting interesting. Fox News seems to be leaking videos and messages from Tucker that they believe will tarnish his reputation. Also, fans of Tucker have been sharing clips of his speeches and appearances on podcasts where he has been openly discussing a transformation in his thinking about the media landscape and the corrupt alliance between the media and people in power. One clip that went viral is of Carlson on the 'Redacted' podcast with his former colleague Clayton Morris. In the clip Carlson tells Morris that if someone in the media asks what happened to World Trade Center Building 7 they would be immediately fired. The clip clearly demonstrates the awaking Carlson has had, because 20 years ago he was the one in the media shutting down people who asked about Building 7. What did happen to Building 7, and how did this viral Tucker Carlson clip reignite the questions about the collapse of the skyscraper? Join the conversation and get answers to these questions and more on According2Sam episode #162.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Tucker Carlson: The truth needs to come out | Redacted with Clayton Morris

2) Larry Silverstein - Pull It (PBS Version)

3) Eisenhower Farewell Address - 'Military Industrial Complex' WARNING

4) JFK ~ Secret Society Speech

5) Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Exit Touches Many Stories, Including BlackRock And ESG

6) Paris May Day protest turns ugly as police clash with protesters

7) France pension protests: Protesters storm Blackrock building in Paris with firecrackers

Episode #161: 'Out Foxed'  

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Tucker Carlson is finally out at Fox News and the left is celebrating. It has been a mission of theirs for a long time. The Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer called for him to be censored from the well of the Senate just a few weeks ago. Congresswoman, AOC called for him to be censored just a few days before it was announced he would no longer be on the air. It wasn't only members of Congress calling for Tucker to be censored, other members of the media were also calling for censorship. Tucker was their competition and he was beating them all, every night, yet they claim their calls to censor him were purely out of the interest of "democracy". He was their white whale and they were obsessed with harpooning him. Tucker knew it, but it was the enemies from within Fox News that should have concerned him most. With Paul Ryan, the Murdoch sons, and BlackRock influencing the decisions, Tucker's days at Fox were numbered. Is Abby Grossberg just a cover story for the real reason why Fox News got rid of their number one host? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #161.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) DOJ files baseless charges against black nationalists of conspiring with Russia

2) Adam Kinzinger Gives Incredibly Bizarre Suggestion to Ray Epps

3) BlackRock Increases Position in Fox Corporation

4) The big winner from Fox’s $787.5 million settlement is a private equity firm that stands to make a 1,500% return

5) Tucker Carlson departs Fox News, pushed out by Rupert Murdoch


Episode #160: 'Decepticons'  

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The transgender agenda currently sweeping the United States of America is spreading like a virus. It is being force fed to us with a synergy that is becoming all too familiar. It is the same synergy that we saw in 2020 with the Black Lives Matter movement. It is the same synergy we saw pushing propaganda about the war in Ukraine. The effort to spread the transgender agenda is broad and wide, and the messaging is coming from the White House, from major corporations, from all of the media, entertainment, and sporting leagues. It is everywhere and it feels impossible to escape it. It seems sinister, especially the way the agenda targets children. However, if you speak up and say you don't feel comfortable with men in women's locker rooms, or you don't think children should be given hormones and puberty blockers, you will be called transphobic and a bigot. Many have just gone along to get along. What are the effects of this agenda on our culture, and what are the longterm goals of those promoting it? Join the conversation and get answers to these questions and more on According2Sam episode #160.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Finland Takes Another Look at Youth Gender Medicine

2) Sweden puts brakes on treatments for trans minors

3) What We Learned From WikiLeaks

4) WikiLeaks Manning Leaked video

5) Uganda’s new anti-homosexuality law bans identification as LGBTQ

6) Claim about Obama moving to Kenya stems from satirical article

7) KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov 1985 Interview

8) Biden is planning to recruit army of TikTok influencers

Episode #159: 'Transgression'  

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After the shooting at the Christian school In Tennessee a few weeks ago we saw something that we have never seen after a mass murder. Six people were killed, including three children, but there seemed to be more sympathy for their killer and the killer’s community in the wake of the mass murder. The killer was a 28 year old transgender woman that was transitioning into a man. The media and many prominent voices offered condolences to the trans community in the aftermath. Several people made TikTok videos excusing the transgender shooter. Three days after the mass murder Biden’s press secretary said, “Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now.” Articles were written in an attempt to humanize the monster, like the article in the New York Post with the headline, "Nashville shooter Audrey Hale was 'heartbroken' over death of friend she may have been 'infatuated' with". Why is this killer getting this type of reaction after committing mass murder, and why are the authorities still hiding her manifesto from us? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #159.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Audrey Hale Manifesto Release Raises Major Concerns From LGBTQ+ Groups

2) Nashville shooter Audrey Hale was ‘heartbroken’ over death of friend she may have been ‘infatuated’ with


4) Trans Day of Vengeance Canceled Due to 'Credible Threat to Life and Safety'

5) Twitter removes tweets about "Trans Day of Vengeance"

6) A Proclamation on Transgender Day Of Visibility, 2021

7) Jamaal Bowman gets into verbal altercation at Capitol over guns

8) Hundreds Protest at Tennessee Capitol After School Shooting

Episode #158: 'Injustice'  

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The United States of America is far from perfect, but it has been a thriving aspiration of this nation to always move closer and closer towards perfection. The preamble to the Constitution says, "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..." Over the 236 years since this preamble was composed our nation has always aspired to move towards a more perfect Union, whether if it was fighting a Civil War to end slavery, winning equal rights for woman and minorities, or ending segregation and Jim Crow in the South. We have always sought to be better, and slowly but surely we have moved closer to that more perfect Union. However, lately we seem to have taken a U-turn and we are moving our Union away from perfection. How does the indictment of President Trump in New York demonstrate a departure from our pursuit for perfection, and takes us down the path of becoming like many other despotic nations? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #158.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Could Trump Be Convicted of a Felony if He Becomes President Again?

2) He already rocked MAGA world — twice. Now he’s Trump’s judge.

3) Daughter of judge presiding over Trump's case worked for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden 

4) El Salvador president blasts Trump indictment: 'Just imagine if this happened in any other country'

5) Alvin Bragg’s Case Against Trump Is Still a Mystery

6) President Trump Resigns From Businesses, Leaves Sons, CFO in Charge

7) David Pecker

Episode #157: 'News Cycle'  

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It's not difficult to recognize the news cycle these days, because regardless of which story is dominating the news at any given time all outlets seem to be on the same page. For example, last week the story that was dominating the news cycle was the impending indictment and arrest of President Trump in New York. It was all everyone was talking about. It was not only the main topic of discussion on news and opinion shows, it was the punchline for all of the jokes the comedians told on the late night shows. However, as the days of the week ended without an indictment it began to appear that Trump would not be arrested after all. The case against Trump seemed to be falling apart, and the grand jury didn't even meet at the end of the week. This was embarrassing to all of the talking heads and comedians that had been preparing their viewers and making jokes about an imminent Trump indictment. They were in desperate need of a change in the news cycle. How did the school shooting in Nashville at the beginning of the next week give them the new news cycle that they needed? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #157.


* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Manhattan DA's office 'asked for a meeting' with law enforcement ahead of possible Trump indictment

2) Stormy Daniels meets with prosecutors, agrees to be witness in Trump hush money investigation

3) Trump braces for an imminent arrest

4) Manhattan grand jury investigating Trump unlikely to decide on any possible charges this week, sources say

5) NYPD Drops All Cops in Uniform Order

6) Manhattan Trump grand jury set to break for a month

7) Chris Rock calls lawmakers ‘stupid’ for wanting Trump arrested

8) Fox News Poll: Trump’s lead grows in GOP primary race, now over 50% support

9) How Michael Cohen’s Big Mouth Could Be Derailing the Trump Prosecution

10) Trump Grand Jury Canceled After Manhattan DA Caught Hiding 600 Pages of Evidence From the Jury

Episode #156: 'W.M.D'  

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It's been 20 years since the Bush administration needlessly took our nation to war in Iraq based on a pack of lies. It is important that we take the time to reflect on just how we were lied into that war, so that nothing like that ever happens again. Today as we reflect on the lies that got us into that war 20 years ago we find ourselves on the verge of an even greater war, again based on lies, proving that if we don't learn from our past we are doomed to fall for the same deceptions over and over again. The lies that the Bush administration told us about Iraq were many. They told use Iraq had chemical and biological weapons. They did not! They told us they had a nuclear program and that they were buying yellowcake uranium from Africa. They did not, and were not. They told us that Iraq had an alliance with Al-Qaeda. They did not. They led us to believe that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks, and said if we didn't invade there could be a 'mushroom cloud' in the United States. None of it was true. How did the Bush administration lay out their case of lies against Iraq, and why did it fail to sway the United Nations Security Council? Join the conversation and get answers to these questions and more on According2Sam episode #156.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Were 1998 Memos a Blueprint for War?

2) Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US

3) White House Press Briefing National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice 

4) 2001 anthrax attacks

5) U.S. Says Anthrax Germ In Mail Is 'Ames' Strain

6) Niger uranium forgeries

7) What I didn't find in Africa 

Episode #155: 'Trap!'  

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FBI Director, Christopher Wray said there was three groups of people that participated in the events of January 6. He said the largest group, the group that needed to be focused on the least, were the tens of thousands of people who showed up in Washington that day to exercise their First Amendment right. He said they were rowdy, but peaceful and they didn't break any laws. The second group, a much smaller group, was people who went to Washington intending to participate in peaceful protest. However, they were caught up in emotions and fervor, and they committed low-level crimes like trespassing in the Capitol. The third group was the smallest group by far, but they are the most serious group according to Director Wray. These were those who vandalized the Capitol and participated in violence. This characterization of the demonstrators from Director Wray are in stark contrast to that of Democrats who want to put everyone in the same category, "insurrectionist". How does the new video aired by Tucker Carlson support the comments by Director Wray? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #155.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) McCarthy says he will ‘slowly roll out’ Jan. 6 tapes to other news agencies

2) ‘They Had A Duty’: Attorney Who Defended ‘QAnon Shaman’ Says Gov’t Never Gave Him Video Evidence

3) Capitol Police opening doors for demonstrators.

4) Capitol Police budget in 2020

5) House GOP plots new January 6 probes 

6) Pelosi demands resignation of Capitol Police chief

7) Capitol Police Told to Hold Back on Riot Response on Jan. 6, Report Finds

Episode #154: 'Boomers'  

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The development of mass mediums in human history changed the societies in which they were developed. For example, the invention of the printing press in Germany in the 15th Century took Europe from darkness to light, and created the modern era. The development of the radio in the 19th Century helped connect the United States, bringing together those in urban areas with those in far away rural areas of the country. Weekly syndicated programs entertained Americans. They could get blow by blow coverage of the heavyweight fight, and hear the President address the nation as he prepares for war. The radio was a powerful medium, but it was just a prelude to the medium that would be the most powerful medium humanity had ever seen at the time of its invention in the 1920s. The television offered everything that the radio offered accept it added imagery. You didn't have to create the images in your mind with your imagination. It was a game changer! How could the story that Democrats told us about January 6 only be told on television, and why did they hire a television producer to help them tell it? Join the conversation and get answers to these questions and more on According2Sam episode #154.


* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Rural America Turns On to TV in the 1940s

2) Media cross-ownership in the United States

3) The 10 biggest revelations from Dominion’s explosive Fox News legal filing

4) Fox Stars Privately Expressed Disbelief About Election Fraud

5) Immunity acquired from a Covid infection is as protective as vaccination against severe illness and death, study finds

6) Fox News is Completely Ignoring Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 Tapes

7) McCarthy still scrambling to defend Jan. 6 footage deal with Fox News

Episode #153: 'Directed Evolution'  

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The Department of Energy's intelligence agency has determined that Covid-19 originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. They are the second of the 17 intelligence agencies in the Intelligence Community (IC) that has made this determination, along with the FBI who first came to this conclusion. The Department of Energy (DOE) says that new information has led them to change their assessment. However, they did not disclose what this new information is. Regardless, we have come a long way from 2020 when it was considered looney, rightwing, conspiracy theory to even suggest that Covid-19 was created in a lab. Now we have two agencies in the IC that say that is exactly what happened. This new assessment by the DOE has made many ask what are the implications for American and China relations if more agencies reach this conclusion and it becomes a certainty. Will it exacerbate an already tense relationship between the two nations and possibly provoke a military confrontation? How will it also implement Americans who funded this research in China? Join the conversation and get answers to these questions and more on According2Sam episode #153.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) A Timeline of COVID-19 Developments in 2020

2) Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, Wall Street Journal

3) FBI chief Christopher Wray says China lab leak most likely 

4) Directed evolution 

5) Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution

6) China rolls out the red carpet for key Putin ally as US warns against aiding Russia’s war

7) What to make of the US military's movements in the Pacific and a general's wild warning about war

8) WHO tweet claiming no human to human transmission of Covid-19   

Episode #152: '90 Seconds to Midnight'  

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As we celebrate the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine it's important to remember how it started, and it didn't start a year ago when Russia invaded Ukraine. The conflict in Ukraine goes back decades, before the coup in 2014 and even before the Orange Revolution in 2004. There are many components to the war, and the roots of the conflict are deep. The tensions leading to the war have been festering in Ukraine since WWII and they have finally come to hot war, but even the hot war didn't start last year. Ukraine has been in hot civil war since Euromaidan and the 2014 coup. The war has escalated from internal ethnic tensions between native Ukraines, Muslim Tartars, and Russian Ukraines, to hot civil war in the Donbas, to Russia invading. However, now there is a threat that this conflict can escalate outside of the borders of Ukraine and cause a global conflict that leads to the next World War. How are the policies of the Biden administration, along with Republicans and Democrats backing him in Congress, inching us closer and closer to that reality? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #152.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Russia has committed crimes against humanity, says Kamala Harris

2) The Doomsday Clock moves to 90 seconds to midnight, signaling more peril than ever

3) Otto von Bismarck had predicted that “some damned foolish thing in the Balkans” could initiate a widespread European conflict.

4) Biden promises new military aid for Kyiv during 'historic' visit

5) John Conyers Introduces Amendment to Prohibit the Azov Battalion from Receiving U.S. Arms and Training

6) How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

7) The Killing of Osama Bin Laden

8) Who Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline Supercut

Episode #151: 'Middle Class Joe'  

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Joe Biden has been in Washington for the majority of his life. He was first elected to the United States Senate in 1972 when he was 29 years old, and he was one of Delaware’s two Senators for 30 years, before Barack Obama chose him as his running mate in 2008. Biden himself had run for president that year, but dropped out after a very poor showing in the primary. This was his second attempt at the run for the White House. He also ran in 1988, but dropped out of that race in shame after being exposed in several scandals surrounding plagiarism and outright lying about his resume. Biden finally won his party’s nomination in 2020, after losing the first two primaries and a deal was cut for all other nominees to drop out of the race to clear the way for Biden. He was sworn in as President the following January. Today Biden has rebranded himself as a champion of the middle class, but his record shows that he has done more in his time in Washington to build the middle class in China. How has 'Middle Class Joe' made multi-millions as a public servant, while helping to destroy the middle class here in America? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #151.


* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Biden hails January jobs report, waves off inflation question

2) Capitol Police Told to Hold Back on Riot Response on Jan. 6, Report Finds

3) Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US

4) Biden, Again, Falsely Claiming He Gave Purple Heart To Uncle

5) Joe Biden launched his campaign by lying about Donald

6) Man with gun is arrested near Brett Kavanaugh's home 

7) Man admits to killing teen after political dispute

8) Democrats itching to take down Biden over free-trade past

9) Obama on economy: U.S. built from bottom up

10) Wall Street spent over $74 million to back Joe Biden’s run for president, topping Trump’s haul

11) The burden of a 40-year career: Some of Joe Biden’s record doesn’t age well

12) Will Joe Biden's political record come back to haunt him?

Episode #150: 'It's Rain'  

Direct link: [link] 

Have you ever heard the expression, 'Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining'? It's a cute way of saying don't hurt me and pretend to be helping. It is the perfect expression to describe the narrative that the media and Biden administration are telling America. Their narrative is that the Biden administration is the most successful administration since FDR. They want us to believe the economy is roaring due to record job creation and low unemployment. We are told that America is stronger and better than we have ever been, but many Americans don't seem to be buying it. Maybe it is record high inflation, the high interest rates, or the push towards WWII, but many Americans do not share the optimism about the future of our nation. Three quarters of the nation believe we are on the wrong track, and a mere 16% say they are better now than when Biden took office. It is in this environment that Biden gives his second State of the Union address. Why is there such a disconnect between the story Biden and his surrogates want to tell, and the story that the public believes? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #150.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) 88% Of Americans Say U.S. Is On Wrong Track

2) Poll finds 71% of Americans believe country is on wrong track

3) Record numbers of people are worse off

4) Chinese spy balloon timeline: Where it was spotted before being shot down

5) The Doomsday Clock moves to 90 seconds to midnight, signaling more peril than ever

6) Base Realignment and Closure

Episode #149: 'Shill'  

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Meet the Press is the longest-running television program in America. The show hosts and has hosted many of the most important world leaders of the past 70 years. Meet the Press has had 12 hosts since it began in 1947, many of which are giants in American journalism, such as Martha Rountree, Ned Brooks, Tim Russert, and Tom Brokaw. Over the years Meet the Press has been a staple for those who follow politics and world affairs, and it has had a reputation for being none-partisan, unbiased, and objective. It was a program that was trusted on both sides of the political aisle, but something has happened to the show since the death of its longest serving host, Tim Russert in 2008. The show has been rapidly going downhill since 2014 when the current host, Chuck Todd took over. It is no longer none-partisan, unbiased, and objective. It has become hostile to Republicans while pushing the agenda of the Democrats. Todd is essentially a shill for the Democratic Party. How does Todd demonstrate his bias in his recent interview with the Chairman of the Judiciary and new House Select Committees, Jim Jordan? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #149.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Role of US private military contractors expanding sharply in Ukraine

2) Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis fired from previous Atlanta job after botched sex crimes probe

3) Memphis City Council

4) Jim Strickland, Memphis Mayor 

5) ‘We need them desperately’: US police departments struggle with critical staffing shortages

6) Former FBI agent charged with aiding Russian oligarch

7) Meet the Press full broadcast — Jan. 29

8) Person Who Reportedly Tipped Off FBI To Mar-A-Lago Documents Was Likely ‘Very Close’ To Trump

Episode #148: 'Nixon'  

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If the United States intelligence community (IC) is plotting to destroy President Joe Biden it would not be the first time that American spies have worked to takedown an American president. It happened to John F. Kennedy. In his case they did not use a manufactured scandal to remove him from office. They used an assassin with a high power rifle to blow his head off in Dallas, Texas in front of hundreds of Americans. However, not all presidents that have been removed from office by the IC have been handled with such brutality. More often they use a phony scandal to assassinate the president politically, as in the case of Donald Trump. The phony Russiagate scandal was completely invented by the IC. It was used to damage Trump politically and destroy his chances for reelection. In Nixon's case, he had already won reelection, by the largest margin in American history. The IC then used the Watergate scandal to force Nixon to resign. Why did the IC turn on Nixon and destroy him? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #148.


* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) FBI searched Biden home, found items marked classified

2) FBI didn’t record Clinton interview, did not administer sworn oath

3) Halloween Massacre

4) Special Operations Group


6) Eisenhower Farewell Address

7) Did John F. Kennedy and the Democrats Steal the 1960 Election?

8) Nixon White House tapes

9) Identity of “Deep Throat,” source who helped unravel the Watergate scandal, is revealed


11) Pictures of George HW Bush at Dealey Plaza

12) J Edgar Hoover George Bush memo

13) Nixon Nearly Picked Bush as VP

Episode #147: 'Bait'  

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The announcements of discoveries of classified documents at Joe Biden's Washington DC office and Wilmington, Delaware home have been welcomed surprises for many of Biden's opponents. The new year not only begins with Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives, but before they have begun any of their investigations Biden is already enthralled in a scandal. Biden's Attorney General has appointed a new Special Counsel to look into the discovery of these classified documents to determine if anything illegal was done, and if the nation's secrets have been compromised. The loudest cries for accountability have come from Democrats and the mainstream media, those who have been Biden's biggest defenders up until now. They are demanding answers, but only to the questions about these classified documents. It all seems a little fishy to me, particularly the timing. It's looks like bait! How should House Republicans respond to the new revelations about Biden's classified documents? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #147.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) "You can't indict a setting President." 

2) Biden’s Classified Documents: A Timeline

3) CIA Officer Frank Snepp

4) CIA Officer Ralph McGehee

5) Twitter Aided Pentagon Propaganda Campaigns across Middle East, Amplifying Agency-Aligned Accounts


7) Family Jewels (Central Intelligence Agency)

8) Operation Mockingbird

9) The Italian Letter: How the Bush Administration Used a Fake Letter to Build the Case for War in Iraq

10) Niger uranium forgeries

11) Eugene Hasenfus is captured by troops of the Sandinista regime

12) On November 3, the Lebanese magazine Ash Shiraa reported that the United States had been secretly selling arms to Iran

Episode #146: 'Holiday Special'  

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Episode #145: 'The Uniparty'  

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The more we learn about the relationship between the FBI and Twitter before Elon Musk bought the company the more disturbing it becomes, although we should not be surprised. We have known that the CIA has had employees in American media companies for years, feeding the American people state sponsored propaganda. It's called Operation Mockingbird, and the Director of the CIA, William Colby admitted to it during the Church Committee hearings in 1975. The Twitter Files have only confirmed that it is still going on, and that it has expanded from legacy media to social media. We also learned that it's not only the CIA, but that FBI and DHS are also involved. The Twitter Files show the lengths theses agencies go to control public information, shape public opinions, and promote the interests of the uniparty. How does the Intelligence Community work to subvert the will of the American people, while working for the survival of the uniparty at all costs? Join the conversation and get answers to these questions and more on According2Sam episode #145.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Operation Mockingbird

2) Family Jewels (Central Intelligence Agency)

3) Halloween Massacre

4) J Edgar Hoover memo about George Bush 

5) Phoenix Memo

6) Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US

7) Life After Debt

8) The FBI Paid Twitter $3.4 Million for Processing Requests

Episode #144: 'The Trade'  

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When the Biden administration first made the offer for a prisoner swap with Russia it was a two for one offer. They offered the 'Merchant of Death', arms dealer Viktor Bout in a trade for WNBA player, Brittney Griner and marine veteran Paul Whelan. Russia refused the two for one offer and demanded a two for two offer to get both Griner and Whelan home. The second prisoner that Russia wanted was an assassin serving a life sentence in a German prison named, Vadim Krasikov. This was a ridiculous request and the Biden administration scoffed at it. This left a one for one trade on the table and Biden was made to choose between trading Bout for either Griner or Whelan. This is what NBC News reported initially, but then after Biden started receiving criticism because he chose Griner over Whelan NBC edited their report to say the choice was either Griner or no one; suggesting that Russia would not trade the Merchant of Death for Whelan. Has the Biden administration been honest about this trade deal, and why was Griner a priority for them? Join the conversation and get answers to these questions and more on According2Sam episode #144.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Russia Hasn't Responded to Griner, Whelan Swap Offer

2) The Other American Jailed in Russia on Marijuana Charges

3) How big a role did the Saudis have in negotiating Griner's release?

4) White House denies Saudi claim MBS negotiated 

5) Lavrov will “pay attention” to Blinken’s call request when “time permits”

6) CNN Exclusive: Russian officials requested adding convicted murderer to Griner/Whelan prisoner swap

7) NBC Retracts Report That Exposed New Details in Pelosi-Attack Investigation

8) NBC News suspends reporter for retracted story on Paul Pelosi

9) NBC News issues correction after reporting Biden had a 'choice' between Griner or Whelan in prisoner swap

10) OPEC announces the biggest cut to oil production since the start of the pandemic

Episode #143: 'Unconstitutional'  

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Elon Musk is releasing internal documents from Twitter relating to the correspondence and decisions to censor information on the platform before he took charge of the company. These documents are being called the Twitter Files, and they are explosive. The files are still coming out, but so far we have learned that Twitter employees were breaking election laws by offering undeclared in-kind contributions to Democratic candidates before elections by censoring information that would be harmful to their campaigns. The files back up statements that Mark Zuckerberg made on Joe Rogan's podcast in August where he admitted the FBI was encouraging censorship at Facebook before the 2020 election, and they also back up an article published in the Intercept in October about leaked DHS documents confirming they were involved in censorship at these private tech companies as well. The government's involvement violates the First Amendment and is unconstitutional, and the evidence is now overwhelming. Should you be concerned? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #143.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) The phishing email that hacked the account of John Podesta

2) Email questioning Sanders’ Jewish faith ‘unacceptable,’ Wasserman Schultz says

3) October Surprise - 1980 Election 

4) What’s missing from the Twitter files: The truth about the FBI

5) Twitter Files - Matt Taibbi

6) Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation

7) Joe Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’

8) Disinformation Governance Board 'paused' after just 3 weeks

9) Biden's disinformation czar registers as a foreign agent

10) What did Donald Trump say about terminating the US Constitution?

11) Spies who lie

Episode #142: 'Sequel'  

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The special counsel sequel will have a lot in common with the first special counsel investigation into President Donald Trump. The first special counsel investigation began 6 years ago and it was launched based on lies about the then President and manufactured evidence. The prosecutor during the first special counsel investigation was former Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller. He spent 2 years and 32 million taxpayer dollars to tell us that Trump broke no laws. The sequel is certain to end with the same outcome. The new prosecutor isn't a big name like Robert Mueller, but he is working with the same amount of evidence against President Trump; perhaps less. Trump was already impeached on one of the issues the new prosecutor will be investigating and he was acquitted by the Senate. Jack Smith, the new prosecutor, must find something on Trump that the House impeachment managers failed to find. What is this new special counsel investigation really about, and how does it help Democrats politically? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #142.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Donald Trump acquitted in second impeachment

2) Biden Family Investigation

3) Coleen Rowley's letter to Robert Mueller 

4) Christopher Sign, Alabama news anchor who broke Clinton tarmac story, dead at 45

5) Lisa Page Testimony May Have Put Obama AG Loretta Lynch In The Crosshairs

6) Lisa Page transcripts reveal details of anti-Trump 'insurance policy'

7) Why was Andrew McCabe fired? 

8) FBI couldn’t prove Trump-Russia collusion before Mueller appointment

9Louis Freeh To Resign As Director Of the FBI

10) Supreme Court overturns Bob McDonnell’s corruption convictions

11) Wife of Jack Smith, Katy Chevigny IMDb

Episode #141: 'Sabotage'  

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The results of the 2022 midterm election are in; for the most part. There are still a couple of runoffs and a handful of races that still need to be decided, but the balance of power is pretty much settled. Democrats will maintain control of the Senate with a slim majority, and Republicans will control the House with a slim majority. Democrats also picked up 2 governorships and control of 4 state congresses. All together it was not a great election for Republicans, and the leadership in the Republican Party is mostly to blame. Many of the setbacks that Republicans experienced were caused by these leaders. For example, despite winning more than 5 million more House votes Republicans did not pick up more House seats. This is because of the way new districts were drawn. There were serval other mistakes and mishaps made by Republican leaders that costed Republican candidates, but some of the issues at play were outright sabotage. What did some Republican leaders do to intentionally sabotage the party, and why did they do it? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #141.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) New York's top court rejects congressional maps drawn by Democrats

2) New York judge approves congressional map, throwing Democrats into disarray

3) Democrats had a surprisingly good midterms — but not in New York. Here’s what happened.

4) GOP set to win national popular vote, but it’s complicated

5) Census Confirms New York, California, & Illinois To Cede Congressional Influence To Lower Tax Red States

6) Which States Will Gain or Lose Seats in the Next Congress

7) McConnell says Republicans may not win Senate control, citing 'candidate quality'

8) ‘It concerns me a lot’: Republicans anxious about cash-strapped NRSC amid Scott’s feud with McConnell

9) Ted Cruz wins Texas Senate primary in a victory for tea party

10) Tea Party Favorite Ted Cruz wins Texas Senate Seat

11) Lindsey Graham’s abortion ban bill baffles some Republicans as Democrats sharpen attacks in key midterm races

12) Big-Name Donors Are Moving On From Trump

13) The Carlyle Group

14) CalPERS, Carlyle lead global push on ESG reporting

Episode #140: 'Scandal'  

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The 2022 midterm election was not the wave election that many expected. Pundits were predicting a red wave like in 2010 when Democrats lost 63 House seats, or the blue wave in 2018 when Republicans lost 41 seats. Those predictions were wrong, because there were important factors in 2010 and 2018 that were not present in 2022. The Tea Party movement was organized during Obama's first two years as president. Every state, county, and town in America had its own Tea Party group that held regular meetings to discuss issues and strategy. They were organized outside of the Republican Party and they had a mission to not only challenge Democrats, but also the Republican establishment. The 2010 midterm was the first election were the power of the Tea Party movement was tested and it resulted in a red wave. In 2018 the issue that drove the blue wave was the Mueller investigation. Democrats used a fake scandal and a steady bombardment of propaganda from the media to paint President Trump as a Russian asset who was trying to fire the Special Counsel to avoid prosecution. This led to a blue wave. What can Republicans learn from these two wave elections to ensure they win in 2024? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #140.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) It's the economy, stupid

2) New York Times/Siena Poll

3) SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters

4) 2010 United States elections

5) 2018 United States elections 

6) Tea Party movement

7) FBI raids over Ashley Biden's diary are 'unconscionable,' says Project Veritas founder

8) FBI arrest of Pennsylvania pro-life leader called ‘horrendous stunt’

9) CrowdStrike, Ukraine, and the DNC server: Timeline and facts

10) FTX partnership with Ukraine is latest chapter in shady Western aid saga

11) Obama's Endorsements Fail to Lift Democrats

Episode #139: 'Winter War'  

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The war in Ukraine is escalating as it enters into the first winter of the conflict. Russia has a history of winning war in the winter, and of using the harsh conditions of winter as a weapon of war. Russia had planned on using their gas as leverage against EU counties to negotiate a peace deal, but after the Nord Stream pipeline was sabotaged and destroyed they seem to be employing a new strategy. This new plan involves destroying all of Ukraine's infrastructure and utilities, leaving the citizens of Ukraine to suffer in the cold, dark, winter. Another issue at play this winter will be NATO countries enduring the scarcity of energy and skyrocketing prices. Public support for the war is already being challenged by growing antiwar movements in the United States and Europe, and these movements are expected to intensify as citizens will be asked to suffer and make more sacrifices for Ukraine. How will the growing opposition to the war, particularly in the United States, impact the war this winter? How are the war mongering elites planning to keep the war going despite the growing opposition? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #139.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Russia accuses UK of ‘directing’ Nord Stream blasts

2) Sweden won't share Nord Stream investigation findings with Russia

3) Brittney Griner's Wife Cherelle Griner: Denied Appeal Left Me In "Complete Disbelief"

4) Progressive Democrats withdraw letter calling for more diplomatic efforts with Russia

5) McCarthy: No 'blank check' for Ukraine if GOP wins majority

6) In new phase of war, Russian threatens Ukraine’s utilities and infrastructure

7) Russian troops destroy Ukrainian dam that blocked water to Crimea

8) New murder charge for North Dakota man who ran over teen

9) October 2018 United States mail bombing attempts

10) Canadian charged in Pelosi attack told police he had further targets, according to court filing

11) Paul Pelosi attack: Cops weren’t monitoring cameras during break-in

12) Suspected Pelosi attacker pleads not guilty to all state charges at San Francisco arraignment

Episode #138: 'Wrong Track'  

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Election polling has been a mixed bag over the years and the inconsistency has left many people skeptical about polls. For example, Nate Silver from FiveThirtyEight correctly predicted every state in the 2012 reelection of Barack Obama, but then in 2016 when Donald Trump was elected Silver and many others got their predictions shockingly wrong. There are many more examples of polls correctly predicting the outcomes in elections, and others that got their predictions wrong. Polling is a science, but it is also an art. Pollsters must get the best samples of the public for their polls, but once you have a good sample you must ask the right questions to get a true understanding of the issues motivating voters. You can't just ask if they support candidate A or B. One question that has been a consistent barometer of what will happen in an election is the 'right track/wrong track' question. If pollsters find that a large percentage of their sample feels the nation, state, or city is on the wrong track it usually means doom for the people in power. What does the 'right track/wrong track' question say about our upcoming election, and what does it mean for Democrats? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #138.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Game Change Book

2) Crawford Movie

3) AOC heckled by anti-Ukraine war activists at town 

4) Democrats growing anxious — again — over Black turnout

5) NBC News poll

6) Times/Siena Poll

7) Monmouth University Poll

8) Republicans press Biden to scale back $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan

Episode #137: 'Mr.81Million'  

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If you listen to the Democrats and media narrative President Biden is the most successful president in modern history. Along with winning more votes than any other president in American history, 81 million, he has followed that up with a string of wins for the American people in his first two years; according to them. He started winning with a $1.9 trillion stimulus package, and then followed with legislative wins that include an infrastructure package, the Chips Act, and he even signed a gun control law. All of these laws are very popular with the American people, so we are told, and if you listen to them Joe Biden is killing it! However, this is not reflected in the president's poll numbers. More evidence that Biden may not be 'killing it' as we are told, is the fact that he has zero campaign events in swing states in the last three weeks before the mid-term elections. Nobody wants to be seen with Mr.81Million in these final weeks. This does not match with what we are being told. Why is Biden not using his prestige as a successful president to campaign for candidates in tight races? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #137.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Los Angeles TimesL.A. City Council racist audio leak may scrap redistricting maps

2) LA Council Backs Putting Independent Redistricting Commission on Ballot

3) L.A. City Council Elects New President as Protests Continue in Wake of Racist Audiotape Leak

4) L.A. City Council - 10/18/2022

5) A forgotten victim of L.A.'s leaked racist tape: Heather Hutt

6) Heather Hutt 

7) "No Serious Guys Till...": Joe Biden's Dating Advice For This Young Girl

8) Barack Obama campaigns for Democrats in Nevada, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin

9) Georgia Senate Debate Warnock vs Walker

Episode #136: 'Changuito'  

Direct link: [link] 


Democrats make many accusations against Republicans these days in the hyper-political environment we are currently living in. They call Republicans greedy, misogynistic, anti-democratic, and much more; but the go to indictment that Democrats charge Republicans with is the accusation of racism. It is an interesting play, because the history of racism Democrats claim to want to repair is the racism of the Democratic Party. Today the Democratic Party says they stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion, but for 100 years the party was the biggest obstacle to equality. Today Democrats control both houses of Congress. They control the White House. They are in charge in all of the largest cities in American, so where is the equality? They say if you just give us more power we can finally defeat those evil, racist, Republicans and make America more equal and just, but what have they done with the power they already have? Is the Democratic Party free of racism and now dedicated to equality, or is it the same old Democratic Party? How does the story about Democrat L.A. City Council President, Nury Martinez demonstrate that it's the same old Democratic Party? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #136.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) L.A. Labor head Ron Herrera resigns; federation joins calls for councilmembers to resign

2) Embattled L.A. City Council member takes leave of absence after leaked audio of racist language

3) Black Lives Matter Chicago activist looting as reparations 

4) Viral video of Chris Cuomo "where does it say protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful”

5) CA Prop 47 makes stealing up to $950 of merchandise a misdermeanor 

6) In Defense of Looting; w/ Vicky Osterweil

7) In Defense of Looting: A Riotous History of Uncivil Action

8) San Francisco district attorney ousted in recall election

9) Second attempt to recall Los Angeles prosecutor George Gascón fails to make ballot

10) How George Soros funded progressive ‘legal arsonist’ DAs behind US crime surge

11) Listen: Audio Of Racist Remarks Leads To L.A. Council President’s Resignation

Episode #135: 'LARPS'  

Direct link: