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Episode #143: 'Unconstitutional'  

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Elon Musk is releasing internal documents from Twitter relating to the correspondence and decisions to censor information on the platform before he took charge of the company. These documents are being called the Twitter Files, and they are explosive. The files are still coming out, but so far we have learned that Twitter employees were breaking election laws by offering undeclared in-kind contributions to Democratic candidates before elections by censoring information that would be harmful to their campaigns. The files back up statements that Mark Zuckerberg made on Joe Rogan's podcast in August where he admitted the FBI was encouraging censorship at Facebook before the 2020 election, and they also back up an article published in the Intercept in October about leaked DHS documents confirming they were involved in censorship at these private tech companies as well. The government's involvement violates the First Amendment and is unconstitutional, and the evidence is now overwhelming. Should you be concerned? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #143.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) The phishing email that hacked the account of John Podesta

2) Email questioning Sanders’ Jewish faith ‘unacceptable,’ Wasserman Schultz says

3) October Surprise - 1980 Election 

4) What’s missing from the Twitter files: The truth about the FBI

5) Twitter Files - Matt Taibbi

6) Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation

7) Joe Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’

8) Disinformation Governance Board 'paused' after just 3 weeks

9) Biden's disinformation czar registers as a foreign agent

10) What did Donald Trump say about terminating the US Constitution?

11) Spies who lie

Episode #142: 'Sequel'  

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The special counsel sequel will have a lot in common with the first special counsel investigation into President Donald Trump. The first special counsel investigation began 6 years ago and it was launched based on lies about the then President and manufactured evidence. The prosecutor during the first special counsel investigation was former Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller. He spent 2 years and 32 million taxpayer dollars to tell us that Trump broke no laws. The sequel is certain to end with the same outcome. The new prosecutor isn't a big name like Robert Mueller, but he is working with the same amount of evidence against President Trump; perhaps less. Trump was already impeached on one of the issues the new prosecutor will be investigating and he was acquitted by the Senate. Jack Smith, the new prosecutor, must find something on Trump that the House impeachment managers failed to find. What is this new special counsel investigation really about, and how does it help Democrats politically? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #142.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Donald Trump acquitted in second impeachment

2) Biden Family Investigation

3) Coleen Rowley's letter to Robert Mueller 

4) Christopher Sign, Alabama news anchor who broke Clinton tarmac story, dead at 45

5) Lisa Page Testimony May Have Put Obama AG Loretta Lynch In The Crosshairs

6) Lisa Page transcripts reveal details of anti-Trump 'insurance policy'

7) Why was Andrew McCabe fired? 

8) FBI couldn’t prove Trump-Russia collusion before Mueller appointment

9) Louis Freeh To Resign As Director Of the FBI

10) Supreme Court overturns Bob McDonnell’s corruption convictions

11) Wife of Jack Smith, Katy Chevigny IMDb

Episode #141: 'Sabotage'  

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The results of the 2022 midterm election are in; for the most part. There are still a couple of runoffs and a handful of races that still need to be decided, but the balance of power is pretty much settled. Democrats will maintain control of the Senate with a slim majority, and Republicans will control the House with a slim majority. Democrats also picked up 2 governorships and control of 4 state congresses. All together it was not a great election for Republicans, and the leadership in the Republican Party is mostly to blame. Many of the setbacks that Republicans experienced were caused by these leaders. For example, despite winning more than 5 million more House votes Republicans did not pick up more House seats. This is because of the way new districts were drawn. There were serval other mistakes and mishaps made by Republican leaders that costed Republican candidates, but some of the issues at play were outright sabotage. What did some Republican leaders do to intentionally sabotage the party, and why did they do it? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #141.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) New York's top court rejects congressional maps drawn by Democrats

2) New York judge approves congressional map, throwing Democrats into disarray

3) Democrats had a surprisingly good midterms — but not in New York. Here’s what happened.

4) GOP set to win national popular vote, but it’s complicated

5) Census Confirms New York, California, & Illinois To Cede Congressional Influence To Lower Tax Red States

6) Which States Will Gain or Lose Seats in the Next Congress

7) McConnell says Republicans may not win Senate control, citing 'candidate quality'

8) ‘It concerns me a lot’: Republicans anxious about cash-strapped NRSC amid Scott’s feud with McConnell

9) Ted Cruz wins Texas Senate primary in a victory for tea party

10) Tea Party Favorite Ted Cruz wins Texas Senate Seat

11) Lindsey Graham’s abortion ban bill baffles some Republicans as Democrats sharpen attacks in key midterm races

12) Big-Name Donors Are Moving On From Trump

13) The Carlyle Group

14) CalPERS, Carlyle lead global push on ESG reporting

Episode #140: 'Scandal'  

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The 2022 midterm election was not the wave election that many expected. Pundits were predicting a red wave like in 2010 when Democrats lost 63 House seats, or the blue wave in 2018 when Republicans lost 41 seats. Those predictions were wrong, because there were important factors in 2010 and 2018 that were not present in 2022. The Tea Party movement was organized during Obama's first two years as president. Every state, county, and town in America had its own Tea Party group that held regular meetings to discuss issues and strategy. They were organized outside of the Republican Party and they had a mission to not only challenge Democrats, but also the Republican establishment. The 2010 midterm was the first election were the power of the Tea Party movement was tested and it resulted in a red wave. In 2018 the issue that drove the blue wave was the Mueller investigation. Democrats used a fake scandal and a steady bombardment of propaganda from the media to paint President Trump as a Russian asset who was trying to fire the Special Counsel to avoid prosecution. This led to a blue wave. What can Republicans learn from these two wave elections to ensure they win in 2024? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #140.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) It's the economy, stupid

2) New York Times/Siena Poll

3) SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters

4) 2010 United States elections

5) 2018 United States elections 

6) Tea Party movement

7) FBI raids over Ashley Biden's diary are 'unconscionable,' says Project Veritas founder

8) FBI arrest of Pennsylvania pro-life leader called ‘horrendous stunt’

9) CrowdStrike, Ukraine, and the DNC server: Timeline and facts

10) FTX partnership with Ukraine is latest chapter in shady Western aid saga

11) Obama's Endorsements Fail to Lift Democrats

Episode #139: 'Winter War'  

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The war in Ukraine is escalating as it enters into the first winter of the conflict. Russia has a history of winning war in the winter, and of using the harsh conditions of winter as a weapon of war. Russia had planned on using their gas as leverage against EU counties to negotiate a peace deal, but after the Nord Stream pipeline was sabotaged and destroyed they seem to be employing a new strategy. This new plan involves destroying all of Ukraine's infrastructure and utilities, leaving the citizens of Ukraine to suffer in the cold, dark, winter. Another issue at play this winter will be NATO countries enduring the scarcity of energy and skyrocketing prices. Public support for the war is already being challenged by growing antiwar movements in the United States and Europe, and these movements are expected to intensify as citizens will be asked to suffer and make more sacrifices for Ukraine. How will the growing opposition to the war, particularly in the United States, impact the war this winter? How are the war mongering elites planning to keep the war going despite the growing opposition? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #139.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Russia accuses UK of ‘directing’ Nord Stream blasts

2) Sweden won't share Nord Stream investigation findings with Russia

3) Brittney Griner's Wife Cherelle Griner: Denied Appeal Left Me In "Complete Disbelief"

4) Progressive Democrats withdraw letter calling for more diplomatic efforts with Russia

5) McCarthy: No 'blank check' for Ukraine if GOP wins majority

6) In new phase of war, Russian threatens Ukraine’s utilities and infrastructure

7) Russian troops destroy Ukrainian dam that blocked water to Crimea

8) New murder charge for North Dakota man who ran over teen

9) October 2018 United States mail bombing attempts

10) Canadian charged in Pelosi attack told police he had further targets, according to court filing

11) Paul Pelosi attack: Cops weren’t monitoring cameras during break-in

12) Suspected Pelosi attacker pleads not guilty to all state charges at San Francisco arraignment


Episode #138: 'Wrong Track'  

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Election polling has been a mixed bag over the years and the inconsistency has left many people skeptical about polls. For example, Nate Silver from FiveThirtyEight correctly predicted every state in the 2012 reelection of Barack Obama, but then in 2016 when Donald Trump was elected Silver and many others got their predictions shockingly wrong. There are many more examples of polls correctly predicting the outcomes in elections, and others that got their predictions wrong. Polling is a science, but it is also an art. Pollsters must get the best samples of the public for their polls, but once you have a good sample you must ask the right questions to get a true understanding of the issues motivating voters. You can't just ask if they support candidate A or B. One question that has been a consistent barometer of what will happen in an election is the 'right track/wrong track' question. If pollsters find that a large percentage of their sample feels the nation, state, or city is on the wrong track it usually means doom for the people in power. What does the 'right track/wrong track' question say about our upcoming election, and what does it mean for Democrats? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #138.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Game Change Book

2) Crawford Movie

3) AOC heckled by anti-Ukraine war activists at town 

4) Democrats growing anxious — again — over Black turnout

5) NBC News poll

6) Times/Siena Poll

7) Monmouth University Poll

8) Republicans press Biden to scale back $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan

Episode #137: 'Mr.81Million'  

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If you listen to the Democrats and media narrative President Biden is the most successful president in modern history. Along with winning more votes than any other president in American history, 81 million, he has followed that up with a string of wins for the American people in his first two years; according to them. He started winning with a $1.9 trillion stimulus package, and then followed with legislative wins that include an infrastructure package, the Chips Act, and he even signed a gun control law. All of these laws are very popular with the American people, so we are told, and if you listen to them Joe Biden is killing it! However, this is not reflected in the president's poll numbers. More evidence that Biden may not be 'killing it' as we are told, is the fact that he has zero campaign events in swing states in the last three weeks before the mid-term elections. Nobody wants to be seen with Mr.81Million in these final weeks. This does not match with what we are being told. Why is Biden not using his prestige as a successful president to campaign for candidates in tight races? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #137.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Los Angeles TimesL.A. City Council racist audio leak may scrap redistricting maps

2) LA Council Backs Putting Independent Redistricting Commission on Ballot

3) L.A. City Council Elects New President as Protests Continue in Wake of Racist Audiotape Leak

4) L.A. City Council - 10/18/2022

5) A forgotten victim of L.A.'s leaked racist tape: Heather Hutt

6) Heather Hutt 

7) "No Serious Guys Till...": Joe Biden's Dating Advice For This Young Girl

8) Barack Obama campaigns for Democrats in Nevada, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin

9) Georgia Senate Debate Warnock vs Walker

Episode #136: 'Changuito'  

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Democrats make many accusations against Republicans these days in the hyper-political environment we are currently living in. They call Republicans greedy, misogynistic, anti-democratic, and much more; but the go to indictment that Democrats charge Republicans with is the accusation of racism. It is an interesting play, because the history of racism Democrats claim to want to repair is the racism of the Democratic Party. Today the Democratic Party says they stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion, but for 100 years the party was the biggest obstacle to equality. Today Democrats control both houses of Congress. They control the White House. They are in charge in all of the largest cities in American, so where is the equality? They say if you just give us more power we can finally defeat those evil, racist, Republicans and make America more equal and just, but what have they done with the power they already have? Is the Democratic Party free of racism and now dedicated to equality, or is it the same old Democratic Party? How does the story about Democrat L.A. City Council President, Nury Martinez demonstrate that it's the same old Democratic Party? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #136.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) L.A. Labor head Ron Herrera resigns; federation joins calls for councilmembers to resign

2) Embattled L.A. City Council member takes leave of absence after leaked audio of racist language

3) Black Lives Matter Chicago activist looting as reparations 

4) Viral video of Chris Cuomo "where does it say protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful”

5) CA Prop 47 makes stealing up to $950 of merchandise a misdermeanor 

6) In Defense of Looting; w/ Vicky Osterweil

7) In Defense of Looting: A Riotous History of Uncivil Action

8) San Francisco district attorney ousted in recall election

9) Second attempt to recall Los Angeles prosecutor George Gascón fails to make ballot

10) How George Soros funded progressive ‘legal arsonist’ DAs behind US crime surge

11) Listen: Audio Of Racist Remarks Leads To L.A. Council President’s Resignation

Episode #135: 'LARPS'  

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LARPing is not a new phenomenon, but the term LARP is relatively new. LARP was included with another 370 words that were just added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary to update and modernize our vocabulary. The word LARP is an acronym that means Live Action Role Play. It simply means to dress and play make believe. Again, there is nothing new about dressing up and playing make believe, but the phenomenon has become so widespread that it has not only been given a name, the name has now become a part of our vocabulary. There are many different types of LARPS. Some like to dress up as vikings and make believe they are fighting a viking war. Some like to dress up as soldiers from the Civil War and reenact the battles. Some even dress as elves and goblins, and pretend they are in a fictional middle-earth. It's all fun and games for the LARPS, but no one takes LARPing as seriously as the Social Justice LARPS. These are the people who pretend to be activists for justice, but in actuality they couldn't careless about real justice. How can you recognize Social Justice LARPS, and why are there so many of them in our society today? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #135.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Merriam-Webster has added 370 words and phrases to its dictionary

2) What Is LARPing?

3) "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

4) Beyonce Says She 'Killed' Sasha Fierce

5) Here are the superyachts seized from Russian oligarchs

6) Millionaire Mullahs

7) Iranians Starve as Mullahs’ Children Flaunt Personal Yachts, Pet Tigers, and Designer Handbags

8) Clinton says U.S. must embrace Arab Spring despite dangers

9) Why Obama Let Iran's Green Revolution Fail

10) Obama To Iran Green Revolution Dissidents: Drop Dead

11) Operation Ajax

Episode #134: '100 Seconds to Midnight'  

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The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 as a way to determine how close the world is to a nuclear holocaust. The clock started at 7 minutes to midnight and it has fluctuated from 7 minutes to 2 minutes and back to 12 minutes to midnight since it's inception, depending on the level of threats in the world and the measures global leaders take to deescalate threats and stabilize the world. Midnight is the end of the world as we know it! Right now, because of the war in Ukraine and the conflict between Western nations and Russia the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have moved the Doomsday Clock to 100 seconds to midnight. This is the closest the clock has been to midnight since it was created. That means we are closer today to a nuclear confrontation than anytime in the history of the world. Unlike in 1962 when the clock was 2 minutes to midnight during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the President of the United States is not working to secure peace. Instead, the Biden administration seems to be working overtime to make sure the Doomsday Clock reaches the final hour. What could President Biden do to end the war in Ukraine and make peace, and why isn't he doing it? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #134.

* Host, Producer, Engineer​: Samuel C Winchester​


1) Germany Prepares for Unthinkable Scenarios: Energy Update

2) US warned European allies this summer that Nord Stream pipelines could be attacked

3) Animated Chart: Nuclear Warheads by Country (1945-2022)

4) Baltic Pipe gas pipeline opens, connects Norway and Poland

5) Russia Flaring Around 4.34 mcmd Of Gas Normally Bound For Nord Stream 1

6) Russia has not responded to US offer regarding Brittney Griner, Paul Whelan release, Biden administration says

7) Diplomacy Watch: Did Boris Johnson help stop a peace deal in Ukraine?

8) Minsk agreements

9) World leaders slam Ukraine's Moscow-controlled areas' plans to join Russia

10) Environmental pollution by depleted uranium in Iraq with special reference to Mosul and possible effects on cancer and birth defect rates

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