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Samuel C. Winchester | January 20, 2021                           Blog Archive: [link]

No one pays taxes out of an altruistic compulsion or civic responsibility. We pay because we are made to pay, plain and simple. If no one was forced to pay taxes, very few people would. That is certainly true when you consider the income tax, a tax on individual’s hard earned labor and wages. No one wakes up on Tax Day excited to give the government a portion of what they earned the year before. After working 6 consecutive 8 hour shifts, who is thrilled the following week when the government has seized 2 hours of each shift? No one! That’s who. However, each and every year, and each and every pay period, we comply. We comply because we are forced to comply, and if we did not comply the government would make examples of us, so that no one else gets the idea not to comply.


Accepting that Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election is like paying taxes. You may not like it. You may not think it’s fair, but you will comply!


One of the most significant outcomes in the aftermath of the protest at the Capitol is that few people are openly doubting the results of the election anymore. Before the protest it was all anyone was talking about in conservative media and on social media. In a Reuters/Ipsos poll after the election they asked participants, “how much do you agree or disagree” with the statement: “I am concerned that the election is rigged.” They found that 39% of all respondents strongly agreed or somewhat agreed, including 31% of independents and 17% of Democrats.


Have they all of a sudden been convinced it was fair now, or are they just afraid to talk about it since January 6th?  


The loudest voices that questioned the legitimacy of the election are all being persecuted. They have been called terrorists and threatened with being added to the no-fly list. If they are the examples of how people will be treated who question if Biden's win was fair, it’s no wonder that others have decided to comply. This means that despite all of the negatives that came out of the protest at the Capitol, the one positive that can be celebrated is that it has shut down discussion about the election; whether you see that as a positive or not.


The facts have not changed. On the morning of January 6th more than a dozen Senators were planning to object to the election, along with more than 120 members of the House of Representatives. By nightfall many of them had changed their minds, not influenced by debate or new facts, but influenced solely by the protest.


Kelly Loeffler for example, committed to objecting to the election before her runoff in Georgia, perhaps to appeal to the many voters who believed the election was rigged there. After losing her runoff election she lost motivation to contest the election, which she announced only after the Capitol was cleared of protestors.


The narrative is that those doubting Biden won fairly are what provoked the protest at the Capitol, and thereby caused 5 people to lose their lives. Mitch McConnell even makes this claim. In fact, if you voted for Trump and have trouble believing that he is the first incumbent in American history to lose reelection after receiving more votes, over 10 million more votes, then you may as well have murdered those 5 people with your own hands.


Likewise, if you have trouble believing that a candidate who lost the first two Democratic primaries, and all of the other candidates had to drop out to hand him the nomination, a candidate that hardly campaigned, and his running mate who was polling in 5th place in her home state in the primary before she dropped out on the eve of the Iowa caucuses, if you question how that ticket won the most votes in American history it is as if you shot Ashli Babbitt in her neck yourself. It is as if you personally threw that fire extinguisher at officer Brian Sickick. It is as if you gave Kevin Greeson cardiac arrest, trampled Roseanne Boyland, and gave Benjamin Philips a stroke.  


The state of Texas filed a lawsuit against 4 other states that illegally changed their election laws, and another 18 states joined. Together they represented nearly half of the states in the Union. The Supreme Court never even considered their evidence and ruled Texas had no standing to sue another state on the outcome of their election. They said it was a political issue. Congressional representatives from those 19 states are now being told they have blood on their hands because they contested the electoral votes from those 4 states. It’s a bit peculiar when you consider that Democrats made the same objections to the election of George Bush in both 2000 and 2004, and they were not accused of staging a coup, or threatening Democracy.


The biggest culprit is Donald Trump himself! If he had just conceded when the media told him he lost those 5 people would still be alive today, despite the fact that the same media spent the last 4 years spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories about his legitimacy, instilling doubt in the public about if he won fairly in 2016. How could his presidency had been different if they had not accused him of being a Russian agent and claimed he stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton? Is it hard to believe he did not conceded when they told him he lost?


While we are mentioning Hillary Clinton, before the 2020 election she advised Joe Biden, “Don’t concede under any circumstances.” It turns out that if an incumbent follows her advise moving forward it is an impeachable offense.


None of that matters now! Everything changed after the “siege”, the “insurrection”, or the “coup” attempt in which 5 people lost their lives. Congress was halted from doing their solemn duty of certifying the election, and they had to be whisked away to underground bunkers. It doesn’t matter that Democrat protestors tried to storm the Capitol and Supreme Court to prevent Brett Kavanagh from being confirmed and sworn in. I suppose it’s okay to interfere with the democratic process when it’s a Supreme Court Justice.


What about the violent protests at the White House this summer, when Secrete Service whisked President Trump to his underground bunker for his safety? It became the punch line for jokes in the media and on late night comedy shows. I suppose it’s okay to threaten the President of the United States too.


The only thing that matters now is that Joe Biden is your president, and you’re going to shut up about it. You don’t have to like it. You don’t even have to believe he was elected in a fair process, but you’re going to shut up about it! Just like paying your taxes, you will comply and you won’t make any noise. There will be no more discussion about election fraud or election rigging, and if you do not comply you will be an example, so that no one else gets the idea not to comply. You could lose your income. You could lose your friends and family. You could lose everything!


This; is what democracy looks like.  

Samuel C. Winchester


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