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"Breakthrough Bull"

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Samuel C. Winchester | January 12, 2022                           Blog Archive: [link]

I watched the program ‘Dopesick’ a few weeks ago and was shocked by the use of the term, “breakthrough pain”. ‘Dopesick’ is a book about how Prude Pharmaceutical and the Sackler family helped launch the opioid epidemic in the United States with their drug Oxycontin, and the book was adapted to a television series staring Micheal Keaton and Rosario Dawson. 


The program points out how Prude Pharmaceutical created a pseudo medical term called, “breakthrough pain”. It was a term they created to explain why patients were still experiencing pain after taking low doses of their opioid medication. This term was fed to the sales team, who then fed it to the doctors, who then fed it to the patients. The problem was the breakthrough pain, and the answer was more Oxycontin. This introduced patients to even higher doses of the opioid, increasing the chances that they would become addicted.   


I was astonished by this term, “breakthrough pain” and how Prude Pharmaceutical cultivated this language as medical terminology to help them sell drugs. It immediately made me think of the term, “breakthrough cases” that is currently being used to explain why those who get vaccinated against Covid-19 are still getting infected with Covid-19. 


Just as in “Dopesick’ this term seems to have evolved out of thin air, pain is pain, and an infection is an infection. There’s no difference in pain or infection after taking medication or a vaccine. It just means your medication or vaccine is not working. The term “breakthrough cases” is pure sophistry, and the best case for that is the many times ‘the experts’ told us that we would not get infected if we took the vaccine. 


Early on we were repeatedly told, by politicians such as President Joe Biden, by medical professionals such as Dr. Walensky of the CDC and Dr. Fauci of the NIH, and many others that if we were fully vaccinated we would not get infected with Covid-19. At this time fully vaccinated meant two rounds of Pfizer or Moderna, or one shot of Johnson & Johnson, which many referred to as the ‘one and done’. Then when fully vaccinated people started getting infected with the virus the term “breakthrough cases” was introduced. Just like in ‘Dopesick’ with “breakthrough pain” the cure for the pain was more Oxycontin, further lining the pockets of Prude Pharmaceutical, the cure for “breakthrough cases” is more vaccine, further lining the pockets of Pfizer and Moderna. 


However, the question I have is where is the science? When they were telling us early on that we would not be infected with Covid-19 if we were fully vaccinated, where is the science that supports those statements? There should be research, or studies that they were relying on to tell us we would not be infected if we were fully vaccinated, and if there is no such science backing up those statements why were they saying it?  

Samuel C. Winchester


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