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Samuel C. Winchester | October 31, 2018                                                    Blog Archive: [link]


Never mind that Maxine Waters told a crowd of supporters to create a crowd around members of the Trump administration at gas stations and restaurants, and to "push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere." 


Never mind that Hillary Clinton, when asked about civility in this country, said you cannot be civil with republicans until Democrats win elections. 


Never mind that Antifa mobs have been attacking and intimidating Trump supporters, or anyone who may look like a Trump supporter for three straight years, ever since the president announced he was running for the office. 


Never mind all of that, because Trump supporters chant "Lock her up" at his rallies. 


From the moment president Trump announced he was running for president his campaign and supporters have been the targets of protest, disruptions, and even violence; all of which were intensified as he started winning primaries and increasing in popularity. Every night on the campaign trail from city to city, in the Deep South, Mid West, and every corner of the nation, you never knew what to expect. The most notable examples are the June 3, 2016 rally in San Jose, where Trump supporters where hunted down like prey after leaving a Trump campaign rally. They were spat on, egged, chased down and beaten as they exited the event. The police in the Democrat ran city stood down and watched. 


Another notable event was the March 11, 2016 rally in Chicago, where the violence irrupted inside the campaign event. Protestors and agitators filed in the arena with supporters and caused such a chaotic riot that the candidate was unable to speak to his supporters. 


These are a couple of the worst examples, but night after night Trump supporters were berated with a bombardment of insults, profanity, and other attacks. The media only made a big deal about the few times Trump supporters retaliated, or the few times Donald Trump encouraged retaliation. However, in many cases retaliation was the desired goal, as stated by a Democrat operative in a secretly recorded video by Project Veritas. He was later fired when the video exposed him admitting to a plan to send protestors into Trump’s rallies to get assaulted on camera.  


This symphony of violence and subterfuge continued through the entire campaign, and even after the election leading to the crescendo on the day of the president’s inauguration. Mobs of violent antagonist moved through the streets of the nation’s capital with their faces covered in black clothing and set a limousine ablaze, vandalized business, and attacked and intimidated Trump supporters who had traveled to D.C. to celebrate the new president. 


But forget all of that! Never mind, because Trump supporters chant “CNN sucks!” and “Lock her up!” at his campaign rallies. These chants are the reason for all of the violence and division in the country.


After the recent mail bomb scare and brutal slaughter of Americans as they prepared for worship Saturday morning in a synagogue in Pittsburgh many are blaming President Trump and his supporters for the loss of civility and political climate in the nation. They are saying it’s because Trump supporters chant “CNN sucks!” and “Lock her up!” at his rallies and the president encourages it. 


However, these are not just mindless chants, like the ‘Two minute hate’ in Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. No! These chants are based in real facts about our political and social environment. “CNN sucks” and the distrust of the media didn’t start with Donald Trump, and a case can be made that the media is more to blame for the division and incivility in this country than anything else. I chose not to make that case in this article, but I will in the future. 


As for the case for the chant “Lock her up”. It is a call for justice. No one should be above the law in a just society, and no one can doubt that Hillary Clinton broke the law. She set up several private email servers on her private property and transferred sensitive American secrets through those unsecure channels. When Congress learned of these servers they issued a subpoena for all of the hardware used to transmit Americas secrets. After receiving this Congressional subpoena, Hillary Clinton started deleting information and wiping the hard drives with a program called Bleachbit, along with smashing Blackberriers with hammers. This is a clear attempt to obstruct justice. 


When Colin Kaepernick first started his protest in the NFL in the fall of 2016 the presidential campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was in its final weeks. In his first live interview after the protest became news Kaepernick listed that part of the reason for his protest was because, “we have a presidential candidate who has deleted emails, and done things illegally, and is a presidential candidate." He said if she was any other person she would be in prison, and went on to ask, “So what is this country really standing for?”

I could not agree more with Kapernick on this issue. Hillary Clinton supported the 1994 Crime Bill and Three Strike Law, which is responsible for locking up millions of Americans whom Clinton referred to as ‘Super Predators’. If these Americans must pay for their crimes it is only just that Hillary Clinton pay for her crimes. This is why we chant, “Lock her up”. It’s not a call for violence. It’s a call for justice.  

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Samuel C. Winchester


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