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Episode #166: 'Crisis'  

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In 2011 National Public Radio filed a Freedom of Information request for a secret document that had been hidden from the American people for over a decade. Few people knew about this document before it was made public in 2011, and still today after it is public few people know about it. The document is titled, 'Life After Debt', and it was written and circulated in the Clinton administration, and at the Fed in 2000. The document states that because the government had balanced the budget, and even had a surplus, in the three previous years the United States would be completely debt free by 2012. The document identified this as a CRISIS that needed to be averted. In 2000 when this document was composed and circulated in the private halls of the government the national debt was around $4 trillion. In 2011 when the document was made public the debt was around $15 trillion. Today our debt is just under $32 trillion. Crisis averted. Why are the budget and debt ceiling debates nothing more than theater? Join the conversation and get answers to this question and more on According2Sam episode #166.

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Samuel C. Winchester | August 21, 2022                                                

Liz Chaney’s defeat in the Wyoming primary by Trump-backed candidate Harriet Hageman has sealed President Trump as the leader of the Republican Party. Other candidates he endorsed made a clean sweep in Arizona a few weeks before Wyoming and his record throughout the primaries is near 90%. He hasn't been perfect, but he’s been close. He has helped retire 8 of the 10 representatives that voted to impeach him, including Cheney, and many of these wins came after the hearings into the January 6 riot at the Capitol. All of this demonstrates that President Trump has a firm grip on Republican voters, and if he runs in 2024 he is the most likely Republican nominee. 


The support of President Trump has left many in amazement. They can't believe that he still maintains wide support in the Republican Party despite the Russia investigation, two impeachments, the China Virus, a primetime production of the January 6 hearings, and a 24/7 bombardment of defaming propaganda from the media calling him everything from a traitor to the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Many people have described his supporters as fanatics, or cultish. 

Liz Cheney described this fanatic support of President Trump as a 'cult of personality', as if the fanatics who fawn over Obama are somehow different. The cult narrative to explain the phenomenon currently happening in the Republican Party is prevalent. It's the only explanation that they are left with after they have worked so hard to destroy President Trump. They have pursued his demise with such dedication, and the results in the Republican primaries have frustrated them. The only way they can make sense of it is that Trump has some cult-like spell on the party.


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